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Gingerly Press is a design studio dedicated to the old-time art of handset letterpress printing. Exclusively using the collection of antique metal and wood type in our Pittsburgh, PA studio, we create paper products that embody colorful modern design, inspiration from the outdoors, and the revival of an antiquated process.

Photo by    Girl Photography    (left)

Photo by Girl Photography (left)



Lindsay Schmittle, owner, designer and printer of Gingerly Press goods, discovered her love for old-school letterpress printing as a Visual Communications major at the University of Delaware. In a class full of digital designers, Schmittle often felt the outsider while experimenting with analog methods for her design process. She stumbled upon the Art Department's hidden gem, Raven Press, a handset letterpress printing studio nearly deserted by the masses of digitally driven students. Schmittle began dedicating her spare time to learning how to set type and print with the antique equipment. In her final year at the university she reached out to masters of the craft to hone her skills.

She purchased her first lot of printing equipment in February 2013 and began Gingerly Press after graduating later that year. Schmittle happily spends her days designing and printing in her new Pittsburgh studio, continually pushing herself to expand her design and print knowledge to one day be a master of her own.

View Lindsay’s Curriculum Vitae.

Photo by    Girl Photography