Let’s Plant A Forest Together!

We’re thrilled to partner with The National Forest Foundation this Earth Week to help rebuild our nation’s forests! For every single item purchased from our online shop this week, $1 will be donated to The National Forest Foundation, who will plant a native tree in an impacted National Forest for every dollar donated.


Planting the Seed

Partnering with an organization to plant a tree for every item purchased in our shop has been a long-time goal for us tree-huggers here at Gingerly Press. As with any goal, we like to break it down into bite-sized tasks and test & change along the way. So for now, we are starting small and testing out this donation model for this week only, in honor of Earth Day & Arbor Day. One day, this will be a year-round thing, donating a dollar for every single product purchased throughout the year in order to help restore our nation’s forests.

Sound like something you can get behind? Then get shopping!

More Questions? Feel free to shoot me an email at lindsay@gingerlypress.com or visit The National Forest Foundation’s FAQs page for all your tree-related questions!