Hot off the press: A Quarterly print Subscription

Fresh ideas in fresh ink—delivered right to your door.



what is it?

Hot Off The Press is a quarterly print subscription bringing Gingerly Press’s latest design & illustration ideas to your doorstep. Each subscriber will receive four 6 x 8” art prints, separately via snail mail, over the course of a year.


Why is it?

Back in the summer of 2018, I flipped through my sketchbook and was discouraged to see how many scribbled ideas for prints never made it to the printing presses. These ideas represent my bursts of creativity, my spontaneous inspiration, my desire to experiment. They are raw ideas that haven't been overworked and calculated to match a product line or fit some brief. These ideas are creativity for creativity’s sake.

In the past, I abandoned most of these fresh ideas, replacing them with some other planned task on the never-ending to-do list one has as a solo-preneur. The Hot Off The Press Subscription is my attempt to change that—to instead prioritize exploring & sharing my creativity on a regular basis.



Shipment Dates for Hot Off The Press 2019

Print 1: April 23rd

Print 2: June 18th

Print 3: August 20th

Print 4: November 19th

*Please Note: Shipment dates for Hot Off The Press 2020 will be in January, April, July and October. Hot Off The Press 2020 will be available for purchase starting November 2019.




Frequently Asked Questions

Does the $49 price include shipping?

Yes, indeed, shipping is already calculated into the subscription price for shipping in the United States. All you pay is $49 for the four prints—over a $60 value! For international orders, a $7 up-charge will be added to cover additional shipping charges.


Do the prints fit in a standard size frame?

Yes, 6x8” is a common frame size, available at your local craft store, frame shop and online. Framing options include fitted 6x8” frames, like this one, and matted 8x10” frames (my preference), like this wood one (my favorite!) or this black one.


Is 6x8” the only size available for the subscription?

As of now, 6x8” is the only size of print we are offering in the subscription bundle. Eventually, we would also like to offer both notebook and greeting card subscription bundles too, but we are starting small and staying open to feedback along the way!


Will the subscription prints also be available for sale individually?

Short Answer: Yes, that is the goal. Long Answer: While a major goal with this project is to exercise our creative muscles with little restrictions, another goal is to still produce polished prints that match the Gingerly Press aesthetic so extras from our print run can be available on our site to non-subscribers. If a given design turns out to be a hit, we will keep it stocked on the site and/or consider designing it at a larger wall print size. That being said, we cannot guarantee that all the prints produced for the subscription will additionally be available on our site individually.


If I sign up in the middle of the year, which prints will I receive?

You can sign up for the 2019 Collection anytime throughout the year, up until the last print’s shipment date on November 19th. Once you place your Hot Off The Press order we will ship you any and all previous mailings from the 2019 collection, 1-3 days after order placement. Any remaining mailings from the purchased collection will ship on their designated shipment dates (see above). Once the November 19th date has past, we will open up sign-ups for the 2020 Collection!


Can I gift a subscription?

Yes, of course! Our Hot Off The Press Quarterly Subscription makes for a great gift that keeps on giving throughout the year! We will conveniently open up next year’s subscription for purchase after the final print for the 2019 Collection ships November 19th—just in time for holiday gift giving! To purchase the subscription as a gift, simply fill out the shipping info for your friend, not for you, in the form at checkout— we’ll know it’s a gift!


If the prints are a surprise, how will I know I’ll like them?

Most good things in life come with a little bit of risk! While we can’t guarantee you’ll fall head-over-heels for every print we produce, we can assure you’ll find joy in the subscription bundle if you already enjoy our colorful & minimalist printed aesthetic.