Our passion project: The Printed Walk


Celebrate the small beauties in nature with a poster from The Printed Walk: Georgia to Maine, a letterpress-printed chronicle of one woman’s 2017 thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail.


the project

The Printed Walk: Georgia to Maine began in the Fall of 2016 with a successful Kickstarter campaign. The campaign funded the Appalachian Trail thru-hike and the raw materials for the project. Lindsay hiked the entirety of the 2,190-mile trail from March 25, 2017 to September 11, 2017, treating her hike as a walking meditation and scavenger hunt, discovering inspiration in the small natural beauties along the trail.

Upon her return home to Gingerly Press, Lindsay designed and printed 22 posters, one for every 100 miles of the trail, celebrating the small beauties she discovered on her hike. Each design sizes at 14 x 18”, was produced in a signed limited edition of 70 prints, and includes the correlating written story, hiking statistics, and elevation map printed on the reverse.



gallery shows

The 22-print series is currently available to tour around galleries in the United States. Below is a list of current bookings. Book now to make your gallery our next tour stop!

Paperworkers Local Printmaking Co-op —April 2018

Birmingham, Alabama

The Creative Arts Guild of Atlanta —April 2018

Dalton, Georgia

The Palette & The Page —May 2018

Elkton, Maryland

School of Visual Concepts —January 2019

Seattle, Washington

Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum —October 2019

Two Rivers, Wisconsin

University of Delaware —February 2020

Newark, Delaware



in case you’re wondering…

Frequently Asked Questions

You didn’t hike alone, did you?!

Yes, I hiked alone, but no need to worry! Not only was I a well-prepared and competent hiker, having trained, researched, and undergone a Wilderness First Aid certification, but I also was able to make friends with other hikers along the way. Most days I would hike alone, but meet up with fellow hiker friends for dinner or lunch for the company. I loved the freedom of being a solo-hiker, seeing where my desires & curiosities would take me, but the friends I made on the trail will surely be friends for life.


What was your favorite section of the trail?

Maine took my heart. Camping by a lake, waking to calls of loons, hiking through never-ending moss, scrambling through obstacle-course-like boulders, catching a glimpse of the dancing Northern Lights…***sigh*** The trail in Maine seemed to encompass the highlights from the past thirteen states, all in one, for one grand finale on the trail. I highly recommend taking a hike in Maine, but keep an eye out for the moose, mosquitos and falling dead trees (see next question for more on that)!


What was your scariest moment on the hike?

Two weeks before completing the trail, I was woken up in the middle of the night to this very heavy water-logged dead tree falling on my tent. While falling, the tree snapped in half. The first half fell across my shins. I was lucky to have a centimeter of clearance from two broken legs because the tree fell from a hill above my tent, leaving that little gap for my legs. The second half of the tree fell backwards, missing my friend, and landing about a foot above my head on top of my stove and fuel canister, which luckily didn’t explode on me at that time. Looking back on the experience, I feel as though the trees were looking out for me, for all the hugs and gratitude I had given them along the previous 2,000 miles of trail. Print #21 illustrates the moment from this positive lens.


Do you give talks about your hike and this project?

Indeed I do! I have enjoyed giving many talks thus far about the hike and/or the project, including talks for Scout troops, elementary school classes, college outing clubs, college design classes, and print conferences. Please email lindsay@gingerlypress.com to book!


Is the whole set of prints available for sale?

Yes, there are a limited number of full sets of prints available in the online shop. Each full set includes a hand-built clamshell box that holds the full set of prints and allows one to read the chronicle like a book. The clamshell box also includes printed title, special thanks and signed colophon pages.


Are the prints a standard frame size?

Yes, the prints are a standard frame size, measuring at 14 x 18”. There are 14 x18” frames available at most craft stores, but I prefer to have some breathing room around the print. Float frames work well for allowing breathing room AND you can see the back of the print where the trail stats and map are located. This 16 x 20” black float frame works great, and I love the wood and extra breathing room on this 18 x 24” float frame.


Are the Kickstarter notebooks still available for sale?

No, the three notebook designs were created solely for the Kickstarter backers that allowed for this project to come to life in the first place. However, we are currently working out the logistics of how to expand our current notebook line to include both the larger and smaller sizes created for The Printed Walk. Stay tuned!


Are the prints available for wholesale retailers?

Unfortunately, no, there are not enough of the limited edition posters left to be selling any wholesale. But don’t fret! There will be many new products available for our wholesale buyers in 2019 that are inspired by The Printed Walk series. Stay tuned!


Are the prints available in a smaller size?

Nope! We create all our imagery at Gingerly Press by impressing paper into inked printing blocks, either existing in our collection as metal or wood type or added to the collection as plywood carved by hand. Therefore, making a smaller size print would involve carving new plywood blocks and redesigning the print with smaller type & ornament.